Indian Forest Service Association,
Madhya Pradesh




Cadre Review- A comprehensive proposal for triennial cadre review of IFS officers was prepared and submitted to Government of Madhya Pradesh to be forwarded to Government of India, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change. The review underwent a couple of revisions and is finally submitted to Government of India. A text of the review can be seen.


Promotions- The Association is committed to plead the timely promotion of I.F.S. Officers vis-à-vis promotion in other states.


7th Pay Commission- A presentation was made to the 7th Pay Commission by President, I.F.S. Association on June 19th on behalf of the Central I.F.S. Association. A copy of the presentation can be visited.


Postings- The Association keeps advising the Forest Department from time to time on postings of I.F.S. officers.


Meets- A new initiative is taken by the Association in collaboration with the Forest Department to open a forum for inviting the opinion of retired forest officers on issues of contemporary importance. It will provide clues to better forest governance and management and benefit the department from their experience.


Composition of Memoirs: The Association has compiled a collection of prized memories from both serving and retired forest officers. Smarika is one-of-a-kind compilation revealing many interesting features of forest management.


Felicitation- The Association is felicitating the ambassadors for the cause of forestry from yester years in India's largest forested state of Madhya Pradesh. The retired officers who have attained the age of 75 years will be felicitated by the Association because the officers remember them as harbingers of forest management in the state. A few of them are profiled below.


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